A background in archery, semiconductors, subscription e-commerce, and product design prepared us for the twists and turns of life – and making chairs with no straight lines. We are cross-disciplinary ziggers where others zagg. 

The results of our process-oriented design methodology are premium handmade goods of uncompromising vision, designed and manufactured in Portland, OR - USA. 


Production design

Are you a whiz on the sewing machine and looking for a team of designers to partner with as we scale our production in Portland, OR? We practice lean business methodologies and continually optimize our workflow and lead time. Please send a cover letter and resume.


Apparel design

Movement oriented furniture requires clothing that moves and breathes. We have a minimalism philosophy, while pushing the envelope with new shapes and advanced textiles. Help us make fashionable movement oriented clothing to go with our furniture! Please send a cover letter and resume.


Business development

Do you know a ton of people who sit on exercise balls as office chairs? We attend several trade shows a year, work with an international network of distributors, and are constantly pushing the envelope on getting the very best product possible to our customers for an affordable price. Future products are in the works, too! Please send a cover letter and resume.


Footwear design

Our next generation bamboo composite cycling shoe takes ergonomics and traditional understandings of the foot and turns them on their head. Be a part of our fastest growing team changing the way the world looks at feet. Please send a cover letter and resume.


Interior design

We're rethinking the way homegoods are used in our living spaces. If a movement oriented, low to the ground, varying surface textures sounds like the palettes you like to design in, please send a cover letter and resume.