@Thichapilates - A polymathic, MIT educated, ballet trained, Pilates studio owner / instructor, tennis extraordinaire with her Venn chair

Thicha is a woman of many talents, having dedicated two decades of her life to educating people how to use their bodies to develop strength, confidence, and health. She now resides in Singapore where she owns Breathe Pilates. Thicha is a true citizen of the world, with an education from MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, a dance education from University of Surrey, UK, and an advanced level certification from the Royal Academy of Dance. Today her clients range from the professional to the ordinary, giving her breadth and depth second to none, people like professional ballet dancers, Olympic medalists, Hollywood singers and rehabilitation-based clients.

We love a couple recent posts on her instagram account where Thicha shows how she uses her Venn chair at her desk and for flexibility training. The videos speak for themselves so keep scrolling! Please visit her account for more Pilates education and don’t skip an opportunity to visit her studio when you next visit Singapore!

Tyler Benner