Nutritious Movement Gear Guide to Going Furniture Free

The incredible Katy Bowman has published a helpful Gear Guide to Going Furniture Free - click on through for solutions Katy uses in her own life. We are very proud to be included not only in the Gear Guide but also as pieces of furniture Katy and her family use on a daily basis.


We get many messages from prospective customers trying to figure out how they will live with a large and small Venn and a couple sitting cushions – when you’ve only had more traditional seating options, it can be difficult to imagine your new living room! We always say start out slow and start living with one item, though by the time you’re practicing living room handstand gymnastics you’re likely ready for a couple more items. =)

Transitioning your home and work spaces into more movement friendly zones takes time and periods of transition. If you change too much too fast it will likely hurt or feel alien. When in doubt take things slowly, change up your postures, and keep those joints moving!

Tyler Benner