Live with Robb Vices #VirtuousVices

We are thrilled to announce we are now live with Robb Vices! Venn Design founder Tyler Benner had this to say on the event, “Today I think back to my formative days and a long conversation I had with Dan Curtis about a maxim of Benjamin Franklin’s – ‘Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.’ Dan has the magic of always sharing your best virtues and taught me a few vices make for style and good storytelling. Thank you to Dan, Katherine, and the whole Robb Vices Team! Please head over and check out our latest with Robb Vices. Dan and Katherine are culture and style mavens I trust. I have my eye on 100 of those champagne-saber kits!!”

Follow the button below to see Venn Design on Vices Reserve brought to you by Robb Vices.

Venn Design on Vices Reserve by Robb Vices
Tyler Benner