Venn chair setup tips


Tips for setting up your new Venn chair:

  1. Place the deflated air cushion into the outer cover

  2. Insert the included hand pump into the valve and align both with the Venn Design logo tag where the zipper closes

  3. Zip the zipper 95% closed so there is just enough room for the pump to stick out

  4. Start pumping!

  5. Try sitting on the chair with the pump still in it to test for your desired level of inflation

  6. Insert the plug and tuck the zipper away for long-term use


Long term use

  • The air cushion will stretch after the first inflation and may need additional air in the first week to maintain your desired level of firmness

  • Most Venn chairs need air every 1-2 months, approximately 10-15 pumps

  • A set of keys works well to pry up the edge of the plug

  • There is no need to ever fully unzip the zipper as the valve should stay aligned where the zipper closes

Tyler Benner